It wa stablished in Champhai in the month of December alongside the ART centre. An integrated counseling and testing center (ICTC) go hand in hand with ART centre.. It is a place where a person is counseled and tested for HIV, on his own free will or as advised by medical provider and convinced that the test is mandatoryHe / She is assured that the process will be confidential

  • The main functions of an ICTC include:
    • 1) Early detection of HIV
    • 2) Provision of basic information on modes of transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS for promoting behavioural change and reducing vulnerability
    • 3) Link positive people with other HIV prevention, care and treatment services
    • 4) Follow up counselling
    • 5) Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT)
    • 5) Cross referrals - TB/STI/ART/TI-NGO/DIC/CCC etc.
  • Counsellor
    • Lalhlupuii
    • Contact no- 9856781630